Although we would love nothing more than to have a German Spitz in every household, we acknowledge this breed is not for everyone and need to be sure our dogs are paired correctly to avoid the potential of a dog needing to be re-homed. This page has been created with the first time Spitz owner in mind...

A German Spitz is not for you if...

  • You are out of the house for 12 hours a day. This breed does not tolerate isolation.
  • You need a quiet dog. This breed has a high tendency to bark as this was their historical job. You can train them not to bark, but there will still be opportunities for them to bark if you are not home or if they feel like they need to alert you to something. 
  • You plan to get a dog to live in the yard all day and night. This breed is an indoor breed and should be included in all family activities and outings. They should sleep indoors unless they request otherwise. 
  • You are not prepared to spend 20 mins per week on grooming, and 20 mins per day when it comes to the seasonal change (bi-annually for approx 1-2 weeks). 
  • You don't like dog hair EVERYWHERE. It gets in the most impossible places! 
  • You don't like to be licked by a dog. German Spitz are very affectionate dogs and will lick you to show affection. To deny a dog a lick is like telling your child not to hug you. 
  • Are not prepared to vacuum and dust one to two times per week. 
  • Are not prepared to spend every spare minute to socialise and desensitise the puppy from the time it comes to you up to at least the age of 16 weeks. Training ideally should not end here, but this is the most critical time and will shape the personality and confidence of your pup for the next 10+ years! 
  • Are not prepared to train the dog in basic obedience. 
  • Do not wish to be greeted with a welcome home party every time you walk in the front door. This will extend to guests and family members.